We invite you to participate to the E-MRS 2018 Symposium F “Advanced biomaterials: elaboration, nanostructure, interfaces with tissues”organized in Strasbourg (France) from June 18th to 20th 2018 during the E-MRS SPRING 2018 global symposium (www.european-mrs.com).

You are now invited to submit abstracts at the following link: https://www.european-mrs.com/user/login?destination=extranet/new-abstract/1382/0

Deadline for abstract submission is January 18, 2018.

Hot topics to be covered by the symposium:

  • Biomaterials: bioceramic, porous and composite biomaterials, novel polymers and biopolymers
  • Nano and micropatterning for biomedical application
  • Smart biohybrid materials
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds, biomedical implants
  • Cardiovascular tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Biointerface engineering, biomolecule surface interaction, surface treatments, antibacterial surfaces
  • Osteointegration
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Blood- and tissue-material interactions
  • Cell material interactions and cell instructive materials
  • Stimuli and cell responsive materials
  • Modelling of cell material interaction and biological recognition

All the informations are given at https://www.european-mrs.com/advanced-biomaterials-elaboration-nanostructure-interfaces-tissues-emrs.

The symposium chairs