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I am a second year PhD student in the Tissue Engineering+Biofabrication lab at ETH Zurich, supervised by Marcy Zenobi-Wong. By formation I am a biotechnologist and I am now using my cell culture and genome engineering skills to implement the regeneration ability of chondrocytes in cartilage diseases. When I am not in the lab I love to be in the mountains to do snowboarding, hiking, climbing and paragliding. I just joined the Young Scientist team and I feel that it is the right place to be to meet fantastic and dedicated people, and also to develop my organizational skills.


I am a PhD student at the Macromolecular Engineering Lab (ETH Zurich), and I am a passionate biomedical engineer with a strong interest in additive manufacturing of precision biomaterials. My project focuses on the design of new biomaterials, and its macromolecular understanding, that can be used for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications. Being part of the SSB+RM Young Scientist is a great opportunity to meet new people and transmit my passion to other young scientists in Switzerland.


In 2012 I started to study nano sciences, since I did not manage to decide for only one natural science. Two year ago, after finishing my Master and working for a year, I started my PhD in the Tissue Engineering lab of Prof. Ivan Martin in the University Hospital Basel. Now I’m working on the generation of pancreatic tissue for diabetes treatment. When I’m not in the lab, I’m doing sports or prototype electronic devices.
The SSB+RM young scientist team gives me the opportunity to meet and discuss with people from several fields in the area of biomedicine.


Daphne van der Heide

I am a PhD student at the AO Research Institute Davos doing an external doctoral study from the Tissue Engineering + Biofabrication lab at ETH Zurich. My research focuses on bone graft substitutes for bone regeneration as part of the European Horizon 2020 project cmRNAbone. I’m excited to be part of the SSB+RM Young Scientists team and believe it will bring a lot of opportunities to interact with other researchers.


I am a PhD student at the Laboratory for Cell and Tissue Engineering (Universitätsspital Zurich) and the Macromolecular Engineering Lab (ETH Zurich). For the most part, my work takes place at Prof. Ehrbar’s lab where I am creating primitively vascularized co-culture systems and assessing their applicability for drug-testing or as cancer models. My free time is dedicated to training for and competing in Badminton, where I am also involved in regional administrative tasks. I am excited to be part of the Young Scientists team and to use and develop my skills in organizing future events and look forward to meeting a lot of amazing people.


I am a PhD student at the Experimental Continuum Mechanics Laboratory and the Macromolecular Engineering Lab. My work consists in developing 3D gel models of the dermal niche to study skin fibroblasts response to mechanical and chemical stimuli. In my free time I enjoy running, hiking, climbing, and any outdoor sports. I am excited to join the SSB+RM Young Scientist team and develop new soft skills while meeting people working on similar topics as me.


I am a PhD student in the Tissue Engineering laboratory at Universitätspital Basel. I work under the supervision of PD Dr. Arnaud Scherberich. My project aims to generate an engineered bone organ through endochondral ossification by using adipose derived stem cells.


I am an external PhD student at ETH Zürich within the Institute for Biomechanics in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (HEST). Within the same department, I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degree, the latter with a major in Medical Technology. I am currently pursuing my doctoral thesis in cartilage tissue engineering at the AO Research Institute (ARI) in Davos. The goal of my research is the identification of novel therapeutic targets for articular cartilage repair. I believe being part of the SSB+RM Young Scientist team will offer a lot of opportunities to interact with fascinating people and, therefore, contribute towards my growth as a researcher.

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