Honorary Members


Dr. Pierre-Etienne Bourban

email: pierre-etienne.bourban at epfl.ch


Dr. Katharina Maniura

email: katharina.maniura at empa.ch


Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli

email: giancarlo_rizzoli at hotmail.com
EC Member 2006-2009, Treasurer 2009-2016

Paul-Henry Vallotton

Dr. Paul-Henri Vallotton

email: paul-henri.vallotton at dentsply.com
EC Member 2003-2006, Secretary 2007-2009, Vice-president 2010-2011, President 2012-2014

Christine Wandrey

Dr. Christine Wandrey

email: christine.wandrey at epfl.ch
EC Member 2006-2009, Secretary 2010-2013


Marc Bohner

Prof. Marc Bohner

email: marc.bohner at rms-foundation.ch
EC Member 2002-2003, Secretary 2003-2007, Vice President 2007-2009, President 2009-2012, EC Member 2012-2013


Dr. Kurt Ruffieux

email: ruffieux at degradable.ch
EC Member 2005-2011


Prof. J. Lemaître

email: jacques.lemaitre at epfl.ch
President 2004-2007, Vice President 2000-2004
EC Member 1996-2010

Prof. R. Geoff Richards

email: geoff.richards at aofoundation.org
President 2007-2009, Vice President 2004-2007, Secretary 2002-2003, EC Member 2000-2009

Dr. Armando Salito

email: a.salito at alhenia.com
Treasurer 1998-2009, EC Member 1995-2009


Dr. Heiko Gruner

email: heiko.gruner at medicoat.ch
Founder, Secretary 1998-1999, EC Member 1995-2008


Prof. Heinz Lüthy

email: luethy at zzmk.unizh.ch
Founder, Secretary 1995-1998, EC Member 1995-2007


Dr. Wolfhart Rieger

email: wolfhart.rieger at bluewin.ch
Founder, President 2000-2004, Vice President 1995-2000, EC Member 1995-2004

Prof. Pierre Descouts

email: pierre.descouts at physics.unige.ch
Founder, EC Member 1995-2003


Prof. Jean-Marc Meyer

email: jean-marc.meyer at unige.ch
Founder, President 1995-1999, EC Member 1995-2003

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