Events of Interest


Events of Interest

12. Freiburger Wundsymposium
29.02.2020, 08:00-16:00, Bad Krozingen, Germany
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26.05.2020-29.05.2020, Manchester Central Conference Centre, Manchester, United Kingdom
TERMIS brings together the international community of persons engaged or interested in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine and promotes education and research within the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through regular meetings, publications and other forms of communication. The Society also serves as an international forum to promote the informed discussion of challenges and therapeutic benefits of the application of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine technologies. Join experts from around the world as we gather in Manchester – attend top-class scientific sessions, participate in multiple networking activities and learn the latest updates from the field. Event website

69. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Prothetische Zahnmedizin und Biomaterialien e.V. (DGPro)
05.06.2020-06.06.2020, Hamburg, Germany
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2020 eCM XX: Biofabrication for Orthopaedics 22nd – 24th June 2020
22.06.2020-24.06.2020, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland
We are proud to announce the eCM 2020 conference on Biofabrication for Orthopaedics. Single session, ample space for constructive debate and free afternoons to take inspiration from the beauty of the Swiss alps will characterize the meeting, covering the following topics: Advances and challenges in biofabrication 3D tissue models 3D printing in the clinical practice Biofabrication process Osteochondral ARI Consortium Bioinks and biomaterial inks Bone and cartilage Emerging technologies Event website

27th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Biomaterials ( DGBM)
22.10.2020-24.10.2020, Stuttgart, Germany
Topics | Functional Materials (incl. Drug Delivery) | Cell-materials-interaction | Biofabrication | Blood-contact materials | Regenerative medicine | Biobased biomaterials | Resorbable materials | Translation Event website

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