Bylaws (June 15, 2020)

I. Name, Residence, and Aims

Article 1

  1. Under the name “Swiss Society for Biomaterials + Regenerative Medicine” (acronym SSB+RM) a non-profit association exists with seat in Geneva, in accordance with Article 60 ff. of the Civil Code of Law of Switzerland.
  2. The names in Swiss official languages are: “Société Suisse des Biomatériaux + Médecine Régénérative”, “Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Biomaterialien + Regenerative Medizin”, and “Societa Svizzera dei Biomateriali + Medicine Rigenerative”.

Article 2

  1. The Society hast he following aims:
    1. To encourage progress in the field of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine in all aspects, including research, teaching, and clinical applications;
    2. To promote the propagation of scientific information in the field of Biomaterials;
    3. To promote the interaction between the different disciplines of the field of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine as well as between basic research and applied practice;
    4. To cooperate with other scientific organizations, governmental and private bodies, both national and international, that pursue similar activities;
    5. To develop structured activities on issues involving Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine;
    6. To stimulate the creation of research programs on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine on a national level.
  2. To reach these goals, the following activities are promoted:
    1. The organization of an Annual Meeting at which members of the Society are encouraged to report on their research and development work;
    2. The organization and management of congresses, workshops, and advanced courses on special themes that have been suggested by the members;
    3. The promotion of young Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine scientists active in Switzerland at national and international level;
    4. The setup of “ad hoc commissions” to address urgent problems in the area of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine;
    5. Information of the members about research on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine and its application in Switzerland and abroad.
  3. Upon agreement by the General Assembly, the Society may join international organizations with similar purposes and goals.

II. Membership

Article 3

  1. Membership of the Society is open to:
    1. Individuals who are involved or interested in the area of Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine in Switzerland;
    2. Swiss citizens living abroad and involved or interested in this area;
    3. Academic or private institutions active in research or testing on Biomaterials
      and Regenerative Medicine.
    4. Participants to the Society’s Annual Conference on Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine.
  2. Membership starts upon payment of the Annual Conference fee, and lasts until the next Annual Conference.
  3. Resignation from the Society is possible with a three month notice.
  4. Members can be excluded from the Society if they act deliberately, openly and repeatedly against the goals of the Society.
    After having sent at least one written warning, the Executive Committee can decide his/her exclusion.

III. Financing of the Association

Article 4

  1. The financing of the goals of the Society is to be provided as follows:
    1. Through Annual Conference registration fees, the amount of which will be decided by the Executive Committee;
    2. Through profits from meetings and events;
    3. Through donations or an industry sponsorship program;
    4. Through contributions from public corporations;
    5. Through revenue from the Society’s assets.
  2. Only the Society’s assets are liable.

IV. Organization

Article 5

  1. In so far as these regulations do not state otherwise, the rules of Swiss Civil Code of Law, in particular Articles 64 to 69, does apply for the organization of this Society.
  2. The Society’s business is conducted through:
    1. The Members’ General Assembly;
    2. The Executive Committee;
    3. The Auditors.
  3. The General Assembly is held once every year. Whenever possible, the General Assembly must take place during the Annual Meeting.
  4. An extraordinary General Assembly can be called at any time with a 2 month notice:
    1. By the Executive Committee;
    2. By any Society Member(s) having collected the signature of at least one fifth of the Society Members for that purpose.
  5. Under exceptional circumstances, the Executive Committee can ask the Society Members to vote on topics electronically, provided the information is presented to each Member at least 2 weeks before the voting deadline.

Article 6

  1. The Executive Committee consists of at least five members. These will be elected by the members at the General Assembly for a term of one year. Repeated terms of duty are possible.
  2. The president is elected among the Executive Committee by the members at the General Assembly for a one year term of duty.
  3. Two auditors are elected by the members at the General Assembly for a two year term of duty.
  4. The Executive Committee alone distributes and assigns the duties and functions of its own members. The Executive Committee designates the members with power of attorney for the Society and the extent of their representation.
  5. The Executive Committee is responsible for all tasks of the Society unless otherwise stated by law or these bylaws.

Article 7

The two Auditors are responsible for auditing the annual financial report, and presenting a written report and a formal recommendation at the General Assembly.

Article 8

In the case of the dissolution of the Society, the remaining assets will be donated to an institution with similar goals. Division of the remaining assets amongst the members is prohibited.

The present bylaws come into effect on June 15, 2020, and replace all former versions.

The Executive Committee